#Healthylife 2


Outdoor fun? Yes

I love long walks outdoors, but my heart is always towards the forest, and even more towards swimming in the wild. A fascination with water, no doubt, and the desire to take advantage of all that nature can undoubtedly offer me.

Winter, unfortunately, is less suitable than summer, because the temperature is too low for my naked body to appreciate the experience. But when the temperatures rise, don’t be surprised if one day you see me doing either length, in a swimsuit or not.

What about the woods in all of this?

The good thing about walks is that I can do them in any season. Even when it’s freezing, just put on more layers and you’re good to go. An adventure that will differ if I go alone or accompanied, it is not uncommon for me to look for a quiet, peaceful place where I will be able to offer myself to my companion, without too much fear that someone will bother us. In addition to doing good to the heart, it allows me to work my mind and my desires. And that seems important to me to keep all my ardor and my enthusiasm, doesn’t it? So would you like to come with me, or just be able to watch me? Don’t hesitate to join the adventurer Snauwflake, he will take you to the gates of fun and more, much more.