#Healthylife 4


I’ve started a few weeks ago a challenge that I’ve totally made up. The idea is to do workouts for 90 days and see the result. It’s the 90 challenge!

The goal for me is to be able to do at the end of the challenge 90 abs, 90 pushups, 90 squats and 90 seconds of plank. Of course, what I had in mind at the beginning was to be in a better shape. You know that due to covid, it’s harder to do exercises and to go out. So I wanted to challenge myself!

For now, I’m able to do the squats and the plank without too much problem. The hardest part is the abs, it kills me but I guess it’s good that I feel the efforts I’m putting inside my training.

For those who are afraid to start this kind of challenge, just know that my boyfriend has started at the same time as me and he was way behind me. But now, he’s also able to do the squats. He’s doing way better than me with the abs, but he struggles more with the plank.

So all in all, it was a good idea to challenge myself, and see where are my limits. I hope we all be able to see the results as time went by on the photos and videos I’m doing!