#Model 1


I’ve been in touch recently with a brand that you might know. Who? Well, it’s Addicted. It’s a brand that makes underwear, and some other clothes also. It was my first real experience with a company that wants me to work with them so I was a little bit afraid first.

After talking with them, we came to an agreement and it was official, I will be an ambassador! What does that mean? Well, I will be doing some photos and videos for them, that will be mostly used on their Twitter account and their Onlyfans page.

I can’t wait to start the work, and see what I will get out of it. I hope I will learn a lot, both as a model and a human. I’m stressed a little, but happy at the same time, so I guess that’s a good stress. I will give you some updates about it when I can so stay tuned! Ambassador Snauwflake is the new thing… yes yes, it’s a thing